Freedom to Design

Partner for individual lighting

WILA is a leading specialist for individual lighting. Individual lighting is enriching and inspiring, but it is often associated with a high level of complexity. We achieve this by engaging in an intensive dialogue with all parties involved in the design of buildings and with the lighting design professionals.

Clearly Structured

WILA stands for excellent service, outstanding and lasting quality as well as technology and application-oriented and, therefore effective innovation for its customers. This ambition requires a solid organisation. To ensure our ability to respond to your wishes quickly and reliably, WILA has a special department for the development of sample and custom-built luminaires.

Design: integrative

Our products are oriented towards the needs and expectations of lighting professionals, e.g. lighting designers, electrical planners or architects amongst others. The international design awards we have received are evidence of our high-quality design.

Thanks to WILA design all product functionalities are easy to understand and straightforward to handle. The aesthetic features convey our attitude to design and quality: harmonious integration into the individual context of the given architectural concept.

Technology: flexible

In line with our principal “modular systems with standardised interfaces” our products are made up of multi-purpose “fractal components”. This allows for a high degree of customisable, project-specific variants combined with high quality standards and a good price point.

WILA products use the latest, reliable version of advanced and innovative technologies in terms of light quality, luminous output, durability and mounting technology. By doing this we meet individual customer requests or architectural requirements with highest visual comfort and individual functional lighting while meeting international standards as well as psychological and physiological requirements.

Efficiency: optimised

WILA focuses on smart engineering processes in order to achieve a high degree of robust stability with a minimum of resource and material input. We capitalise on know-how from bionics research, and new manufacturing processes to innovative materials. Our approach to product efficiency also aims to meet your personal expectations: easy assembly, installation and maintenance, low energy consumption, high flexibility as well as sustainable performance. Add to this the fact that all WILA products feature as compact a design as possible, your benefit from optimised value for money.