Puck XT

Puck XT benefit over Puck 1

See our Puck XT Video here  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQa1dJYLy83OFkG5BgGyX1Q?view_as=subscriber

Previous puck was positioned at 30o to achieve good spread of light.

This meant that the light source was seen and could be viewed as glare.

Puck XT can be positioned at the bottom of the rail and still achieve the same lighting results without glare.


Puck XT

18mm Ø  15mm deep
For curved & flat rails
5 Distributions achieved with lens
2 Bodies and 2 optics
Symmetric version can be under rail reducing glare
Asymmetric version for under rail very efficient
Greater spacings for same light level
124 Llm/W
~30% less power
3000 & 4000K