BBC New Media Village, London


Multifunctionality Profile

The almost perfect union between light and architecture is demonstrated by the innovative concept of illumination for the BBC‘s New Media Village in London‘s White City district.

More than 2,000 dimmable Avic pendant luminaires are installed completely across the areas of individual and open-plan offices and, with the aid of individually utilisable illumination dynamics, reflect the concept of a flexible office landscape.

The atriums offer unique possibilities for creating a dynamic, daylight-oriented atmosphere of light. Special, discretely integrated surface-mounted luminaires fitted with 35 and 150 Watt CDM-T high-pressure discharge lamps, illuminate the architecture in such a way that the light both stimulates and motivates: Day and night.

Over 400 metres of a multifunctional aluminium profile, especially developed for this project, integrate building management functions, low-voltage halogen spotlights with 100 W QR-111 lamps, and downlights for high-pressure discharge lamps with 35 W CDM-T lamps. In the communication areas, the flush mounted ceiling system accommodates both accentual luminaire modules and the emergency lighting. Thus, with the integration of lighting and technical components and the clear-cut and visually timeless form, the profile system creates a well-organised ceiling landscape.

Project Solutions Recessed Luminaires with integrated Functions
Recessed Luminaires Compact+ Downlights
Pendant Luminaires Avic


Allies & Morrison Architects, London

Lighting design
Equation Lighting Design, London

Electrical design
Buro Happold, London

Edmund Sumner, London